Wyoming  Jeepers

Wyoming Jeepers Treasure Hunt Poem

Let good ole’ USGS Topo be your guide

Use the wrong map, your’re in for a ride

Fifteen miles in the middle of Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin

Wild horses are in their haven where the BLM are doing the chasing

If you’re cutting your teeth and you think this is scary

Just whistle a tune while eating a berry

The Indian is no longer living

But he owns a hill

His neighbor was Sales

Your on the path for a thrill

In your rearview mirror, which may be blurry

Think of a Big Mac and find your McFlurry

4821 will give it away

If you find this, you might call it a day

Be a good sport and sign the log

Leave a small trinket, don’t be a dog


Wyoming Jeepers Treasure Hunt Directions

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We have two contests, one for those who can go out to search for the bucket and one for those who cannot realistically participate in the search for various reasons. The intent of the online contest is to include people with disabilities or limited access to the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming. The online contest prize will give to the first person to contact us with the correct location within 100 yards.

If you figure out the location, please do not give out the directions until both contests are finished and posted on our YouTube channel.

The treasure will be found in Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin.

Once both contests have ended, this bucket will become a regular geocache so please leave a small trinket in the bucket for the next treasure seeker.

There is a surprise item in the bucket. We will reveal this item to everyone when the contest is over.

If the treasure is not found in two months, we will release hints to make the poem easier. Hints will be posted in the comments on this video from Wyoming Jeepers.

Disclaimer: Wyoming Jeepers are not responsible for any costs incurred or injuries sustained while searching for this treasure bucket.

A pair of channel lock pliers might be helpful when opening the bucket.

Above all....  Have fun!!!

Treasure Hunt Poem & Directions

Treasure has been found and is now a geocache!