Pryor Mountains Jeep Trip - July 8th 2023 — Fan Trip Full! Wait List Only!

Special Note: Dan and Elaine may not be able to make this trip.

Where: Pyror Mountains

Where to Meet: To be determined - this page will be updated periodically.

Meeting Time: To be determined - this page will be updated periodically.

Fuel: Make sure to fuel up in Powell or Lovell depending on the direction you are arriving from. There may be fuel in Cowley but I am not certain.

Email to Sign Up: Use the email provided in the announcement video or, Click this link, go to "Details" near the bottom of our the page, click "View Email Address" to get a contact email address. Alternatively, you can contact Melissa via any of the Wyoming Jeepers' social media accounts to coordinate with her. The reason for the email is to allow us to inform participants of any possible changes. If you don't sign up, you can still show up for the ride but we can't guarantee the logistics.

Communication: Vehicle to vehicle will be GMRS radios. FRS radios will also work on GMRS frequencies.

Vehicle Requirements & Types: We understand folks love side by sides, four wheelers and motorcycles but this trip is intended for regular vehicles only. You should have a vehicle with 4WD and some clearance. A stock Jeep Wrangler would be just fine. Subaru Outback or equivilant is not recommended as clearance may not be enough. Please bring a vehicle in good enough condition to make the trip. Bring a spare tire so we have a better chance of completing the planned trip.

About the Trail: Most of the trail does not require recommended vehicle requirements listed above. However, there are a few  places that a 4WD and some extra clearance may be necessary. We will start in Cowley, Wyoming, and end in Lovell, Wyoming—A trip of just under 70 miles. We leave from Wyoming and return to Wyoming but the majority of this trip will be in Montana.

Food: Bring your own snacks and lunch.

Lunch Stop: We will be stopping along the way for lunch. We could easily spend an hour meeting people, looking at rigs, eating, etc.

Main Stops: We will probably stop in Crooked Creek Canyon for just a bit. We will make a stop at the Big Ice Cave and Dry Head Vista. We go right through the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range and will stop if we see horses. We will stop at Pen's Cabin and later, a beautiful vista with a double arch.

Etiquitte: We want this trip to be fun for all involved. Please be considerate of everyone. This is a drug/alcohol free trip.

Liability Notice - Disclaimer: It is very important that all participants understand that Wyoming Jeepers have no way of knowing participant ability or the capability of their vehicles. We are only giving guidelines to the best of our knowledge. We are not responsible for lack of ability of participants or their vehicles. Any damage or costs that may occur is the sole responsibility of the participant. We can and will however, help with flat tires, winching out or similar recovery issues that may arise.     


Example of FRS radios